The global wellness market is growing at a rapid pace. From personalised nutrition to digital healthcare apps, consumers are looking for brands to deliver various solutions to their ever-evolving self-care needs. According to a recent survey from McKinsey that researched approximately 7,500 consumers in six countries, 79% said wellness is important and a further 42% consider it a top priority1. And, with the global wellness market estimated at more than Є1.2 trillion (£1.05 trillion) with an annual growth of 5-10%1, it is easy to see why brands are looking to expand their natural wellness portfolio.

 Natural, Sustainable & Clean

Yet before brands can market their natural wellness solutions, they need to first understand consumer purchasing behaviours. While today’s consumers are focused on self-care, they also want to make sure they are purchasing natural, clean and sustainable products – and rightly so. When it comes to the environment, consumers that are socially responsible are more willing to pay for products that contain clean and natural ingredients from brands that are perceived as more environmentally sustainable. This is particularly the case for consumers in China, Brazil and Germany, where the emphasis on natural and clean is a top priority.

In the US, 54% of American consumers said ‘natural’ was one of the major drivers of purchase when it came to health and wellness products2, while in the UK rising popularity of these trends are beginning to convert into profitable sales for businesses in both cosmetic and nutrition applications. For example, McKinsey currently estimates that around 40-60% of wellness spending is on products and services that promote better health3.

Sustainable Ingredient Sourcing

When consumers are the key drivers of your brand’s success, working with sustainable ingredient suppliers to expand your natural wellness portfolio becomes an integral part of the circularity model. Here, brands need to collaborate with companies that are authenticated by external bodies for the preservation and protection of marine and land environments, alongside ensuring that their business model is aligned with the United Nation’s sustainable development goals (SDGs).

At Biomega, we are Friend of the Sea certified and take our commitment to the environment seriously by aligning our circularity model with the UN’s SDGs. By working with sustainably certified companies including Global G.A.P., ASC, BRC and more, all our natural, fresh food grade Atlantic salmon parts have been upcycled from traditional rest streams, meaning there is zero waste. These GMO-free raw materials are then transformed in our world-class biorefineries into premium health food ingredients (such as salmon peptides and salmon oil) via our patented, continuous enzymatic hydrolysis process. This means our impact on the environment is low, so brands can rest assured they are working with a company that puts sustainability at the top of the agenda.

Science is in our nature

The latest research from McKinsey states that 41% of global consumers would choose a more natural supplement versus a more effective one1, but we believe they should not need to choose. Brands that work with suppliers that focus on both a sustainable and science-backed approach means they can deliver products that meet these natural wellness trends year-on-year. That’s why Biomega is channelling its resources into R&D projects that offer brands a tried and tested approach, demonstrating that the ingredients used within our products are safe, effective and natural.

For example, recent human intervention studies have shown that hydrolysed salmon proteins can reduce body mass by improving fat metabolism and fat burning rates4. While pre-clinical studies have shown improved glucose regulation after taking hydrolysed salmon proteins, reducing blood sugar levels5.

Introducing Biomega PURE™ Peptides

Our latest innovation takes science, sustainability and natural wellness to the next level. Our Biomega PURE™ Peptides offer superb health benefits to consumers and can be used in a wide variety of health food and nutrition applications. With a more neutral taste and smell, the powdered formulation is easy to digest, hypoallergenic and water soluble, making it highly versatile and stable for use in ready-to-mix drinks. Rich in taurine and B-vitamins, our solution may help to improve cardiovascular health – a great opportunity for brands looking to expand their functional food supplement range. In addition, Biomega PURE™ Peptides are also an excellent source of collagen, perfect for applications that focus on beauty from within.

If your brand is looking to connect with an environmentally focused company that only wants to deliver the best in vitality to your customers, working with Biomega could be the answer. For more information on how our products can be integrated into your food portfolio, contact our sales team today by emailing


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