Biomega Group (‘Biomega’), a leading biosciences company producing high-quality sustainable ingredients for the human and animal health & nutrition sectors, has called for petfood manufacturers and suppliers to use natural alternatives in pet food and treats in a bid to phase out the nutritionally devoid ingredient, glycerine.

Serving as a humectant, glycerine is used to bind water in canned food and treats by lowering water activity and gives pet food and treats the necessary elasticity for a chewy texture. According to the U.S Food and Drug Administration (‘FDA’) and the European Food Safety Authority (‘EFSA’) vegetable glycerine is classed as functional and safe when added in pet food as a preservative ingredient.

Glycerine is, however, a nutritionally devoid ingredient and is generally considered by pet owners as unhealthy due to its artificially high sugar content. With increasing humanisation of the way pets are treated, owners are now much likely to swap product choices for more natural, healthier and fresher pet treats.

Bjørn Liaset, Director of R&D at Biomega, said: “Glycerine is seen as especially palatable to cats and dogs due to its sugar content and is a widely used ingredient in today’s petfood market due to its excellent water binding properties. As a leading biosciences company, we’re asking for petfood manufacturers and wholesalers to think about the bigger picture. With rising pet obesity, pet health is front of mind for many pet owners – and it’s why we’re seeing a larger trend towards fresh and healthy pet treats.

“Our latest research at Biomega has unveiled how our 100% pure Norwegian hydrolysed salmon peptides can substitute glycerine in semi-moist pet treats. By delivering highly nutritional protein value, great palatability and health benefits, including increased muscle recovery and lower blood pressure, our salmon peptides have the potential to positively transform the semi-moist pet treat market we know today.”

A recent study carried out on behalf of Biomega by Passion4Feed AS, an independent Norwegian petfood research facility, has demonstrated that removing glycerine is possible from cat and dog snacks when using Biomega’s Salmigo® Protect L60.

“The aim of the study was to reduce the starch, remove glycerine and increase the level of high-quality carbohydrates and proteins to deliver a plasticising effect,” added Milka Tesla, CEO at Passion4Feed. “With the combination of 100% natural pea starch and Salmigo Protect L60, we discovered that glycerine could be replaced in its entirety. This means petfood applications using this combination of ingredients can claim to be 100% natural and highly nutritional.”

The Salmigo Protect L60 study can be viewed in full in the company’s latest whitepaper, which explains the scientific advantages salmon bioactive peptides could have on animal wellbeing. To download the whitepaper, please complete the online web form located on the Biomega website.

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