The LIFE CONQUER project aims to sustainably exploit the side stream of the salmon processing industry for producing salmon peptides and oil, to be used as ingredients for human nutrition at large scale. The project is funded by a multi-million euros grant awarded to biomega® last year from the European Commission as part of its LIFE programme.

biomega® reaffirmed its commitment to delivering on its circularity goals with the official unveiling of a sustainable, first of-its-kind biorefinery in Hirtshals, Denmark, in December 2022.

As part of the LIFE CONQUER project, this biorefinery will host and demonstrate:

  • the innovative solutions for extracting proteins from bones
  • the in-situ spray drying
  • an innovative inbound logistics for raw material


What are the objectives?
The LIFE CONQUER project aims to promote the circular economy by funding developments that support a sustainable way of living. biomega® is keen to take on responsible climate action by demonstrating how its innovative solutions for extracting proteins from raw materials can work towards a zero waste farmed salmon value chain.

In line with the priorities of the European Commission’s LIFE programme, the new biorefinery at Hirtshals will demonstrate on an industrial scale the following environmental goals:

  • Bio-waste reduction – with approximately 18,300 tonnes/year of salmon offcuts saved
  • GHG reduction – of about 1,600 tonnes of CO2 eq/year
  • Water efficiency – of approximately 30,000 tonnes/year
  • Thermal energy saving – of approximately 23.7 Gwh/year


Further information
This project has received funding from the European Union’s LIFE Programme for Environment and Resource Efficiency under grant agreement No.101074400 LIFE21-ENV-DK-LIFE CONQUER

For more information on the LIFE CONQUER project, please visit www.lifeconquer.eu

Funded by the European Union under Grant Agreement No.101074400 LIFE21-ENV-DK-LIFE-CONQUER.



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