Value vitality

Our promise is to make a positive impact on the world. We improve the vitality and quality of life. At Biomega we are passionate about nutrition and biotechnology.



Biomega's products help people and animals live healthier lives.

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Innovation is the essence of Biomega. We continue to invest heavily in innovative R&D driven activities.

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We believe that great people determine the success of our customers and partners.

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Our natural ingredients are crafted from fresh, pure and local raw materials.

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Biomega continues to advance science to address important challenges.

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Biomega is committed to do our part to contribute to a more sustainable future. We are ambassadors for the circular economy.

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Our promise is to make a positive impact on the world. We improve the vitality and quality of life. At Biomega we are passionate about nutrition and biotechnology.

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Biomega peptides are pure hydrolyzed proteins consisting of peptides and free amino acids.

Biomega peptides are 100% water soluble, unique, and sustainable. The Biomega peptides also contain collagen peptides.

These peptides contain over 90% hydrolyzed proteins to ensure the highest bioavailability.

They are produced in our modern biorefinery from fresh Norwegian salmon off-cuts.



Biomega® peptides - hydrolyzed salmon protein isolate

Biomega salmon oil is a food grade, sustainable and natural salmon oil. The oil is gently separated from fresh salmon raw materials in our modern biorefinery.

We guarantee «100% Norwegian».



Biomega® salmon oil

Salmigo® Protect is our brand name for hydrolyzed salmon proteins used in premium petfood applications. Our salmon peptides are processed from fresh Norwegian salmon tissue by natural enzymatic hydrolysis.

Salmigo Protect contains approx 90% hydrolyzed proteins (peptides and free amino acids).  Salmigo® Protect is a highly digestible nutritional source of protein that has a high biological value (BV) due to the well-balanced composition of amino acids.

Salmigo® Protect is a unique protein extract from salmon. It is available as spray dried powder (Salmigo® Protect SD) as well as in liquid form (Salmigo® Protect L60).


Salmigo® Protect - hydrolyzed salmon proteins

Salmigo® salmon oil is a food grade, sustainable and natural salmon oil. The oil is gently separated from fresh salmon raw materials in our modern biorefinery, it is very suitable for premium petfood products.

We guarantee «100% Norwegian».

Salmigo® salmon oil

Salmigo® Active is a high protein salmon concentrate produced from fresh Norwegian food grade salmon tissues by natural enzymatic hydrolysis. Salmigo® Active is suitable for premium pet food products.

Salmigo® Active contains approximately 70% protein. The hydrolyzed salmon proteins in Salmigo® Active are optimal for digestion and easily absorbed.  Besides a high level of hydrolyzed protein, Salmigo® Active contains a wide range of other essential dietary components: omega-3 fatty acids, minerals and trace elements.





Salmigo® Active

Food-grade approval by Norwegian Food Authority (Mattilsynet): Approval number H 57 (according to EU Regulation 854/2004).

Friend of the Sea Approval for sustainability. Approved by RINA Services SpA. Number 116-2014-FFW.

Friend of the Sea

GMP+ B2 Quality Control of Feed Materials. Approved by DNV GL number PDV109441.


Animal by-products. Approval by Norwegian Food Authority (Mattilsynet) number 1000779 (EU Regulation 1069/2009).

IFFO Global Standard for responsible supply. Registration number IFFO157.

IFFO Global Standard for responsible supply


The process

At Biomega, we are biorefining specialists. Years of experience have allowed us to develop and patent our unique proprietary technology of the continuous enzymatic hydrolysis process. The continuous process concept (“first in – first out”) allows us to run our production facilites 24/7 and ensures that all raw material is treated equally throughout the production. 

Our production replicates the process of the digestive system of humans and other mammals. Starting with a protein rich material of biological origin, we gently use specific non-GMO food grade enzymes to solubilize the material and separate the purest fractions of soluble proteins, non-soluble proteins, oils and minerals for use in a wide variety of applications.

Optimizing product characteristics requires the best processing conditions. Thus, we have developed and patented several reactors tailor-made for specific uses. Our process is currently applied to the production of salmon, chicken and turkey pet food and food ingredients. It has also been proven to work when applied to a wide range of marine raw materials, including cod, pelagic and mesopelagic.


With almost 20 years of experience, Biomega has a solid and trusting relationship with our sourcing partners. We put as much value and emphasis into maintaining this relationship as we do with our customers. Our partners are important to us!

Our team is continuously developing new concepts for production facilities within both the marine and poultry segments. We see that one of the largest hurdles to reaching the food segment is having the freshest raw material available. We therefore wish to reduce the distance between ingredient production and the raw material by locating production facilities next to raw material providers. This is not only good for the end product, but also the environment by reducing the carbon footprint in our supply chain.

If you are interested in upgrading your side streams into premium feed and food grade ingredients with our unique patented process, please do not hesitate to connect with us.

Biomega Norway

Our biorefinery in Norway is our flagship production facility.  We have built this modern biorefinery in the heart of the Norwegian salmon farming industry, on the beautiful island of Sotra near Bergen.

Our factory uses our patented process to naturally and gently transfer fresh and pure Norwegian salmon parts into premium food grade ingredients. The ingredients: salmon oils, hydrolyzed salmon proteins and premium salmon meal, are suitable for human nutrition (health nutrition, sports nutrition, nutraceuticals) and are used in premium pet foods. We are proud to see our ingredients being used to support our customers’ brands around the world.




We believe in a healthier and more sustainable world

Our impact comes from transforming undervalued raw material into premium food and pet food ingredients through accelerated biorefining.

We aspire to be the trusted, inspiring and preferred ingredients partner for the health and nutrition industry.

Biomega was founded in 2000 on the premise of advancing innovative biotechnology to release the full nutritional and functional value of otherwise underutilized side streams from the salmon industry. Today, Biomega has a rich patent family of various technologies, with the continuous enzymatic hydrolysis process at its core. Biomega invests continuously in innovation through R&D to ensure best-in-class technology and respond to customers’ needs, including product development, traceability and sustainability.

In our modern biorefineries we turn food-grade fresh raw materials into premium feed and food-grade ingredients. Sophisticated biorefining processes ensure careful separation of nutritional components. Local and fresh raw materials guarantee stabile supply to our customers around the world.

The acquisition of Biomega by AMERRA Capital in 2017 has allowed the company to release its full growth potential. Biomega is now aiming to increase its number of production facilities by entering into strategic partnerships with raw material providers. This is not only limited to salmon, but also includes other marine species such as cod, pelagic and mesopelagic, as well as chicken and other types of poultry.

Biomega aspires to become the leading partner for innovative high-quality ingredients to the health and nutrition industry.

Biomega was founded in Hordaland, Norway. In the global heart of salmon fish farming.


Biomega built the world's first biorefinery with patented continuous enzymatic hydrolysis process in Skaganeset, Sotra.


Biomega doubled capacity of its first factory based on increasing demand for its ingredients.


Completed construction of Biomega's new food-grade biorefinery.


Biomega is aquired by AMERRA Capital Management LCC, NY to support Biomega's growth ambitions.


Completed construction of poultry biorefinery (Bioco).
Biomega acquired Alkymar for its patent family.


Further product and capacity expansion projects completed in Biomega Norway.
Organizational expansion and acquisition of HED Engineering to support international growth ambitions.



The people of Biomega are always looking for ways to innovate, leading the way forward for our industry.

Stig joined Biomega in October 2020 after more than a decade at the specialty feed company, Hamlet Protein, where he was Vice President of Operations. Prior to his role at Hamlet Group, Stig held multiple positions across operations, sales, product and application management at several companies, including Palsgaard, Tetra Pak Filtration and Danisco (DuPont).  

He brings more than 25 years’ experience in the human nutrition and animal feed industry to his role as CEO. 

Jarl Knudsen has extensive experience in the production of high-grade fish oils/omega 3 products and marine protein at Maritex AS, Uniq Marine Biotech AS, Nordlaks Produkter AS and Hofseth Biocare ASA.

Chief Technology Officer

Andrew joined the Biomega team in October 2019. He moved to Scandinavia in 1998 from Cape Town, South Africa, and has held Project, R&D and Technology management positions in Sweden and Norway. This background is within a range of industries, including: mining, pulp & paper, biorefining, oil & gas and industrial water treatment. Common for most of these positions has been the focus on process and technology development and environmental technologies.

After working within large-scale, high-efficiency production environments (at LKAB and Stora Enso, in Sweden), Andrew has been drawn to the flexibility, energy and innovation in smaller companies and start-ups (Vetco Gas Technology, Weyland Bioethanol, Sorbwater Technology), particularly those with a focus on resource recovery and sustainability. Andrew has a PhD in Chemical Engineering from the University of Cape Town.

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Chief Financial Officer

Espen joined Biomega in November 2020 and brings with him a wealth of experience and broad knowledge from previous roles in financial and performance management at rapid-growth manufacturing companies. Prior to joining the company, Espen held various CFO and management positions at Norwegian-based companies including Totaltek, Protan Group, Eitzen Maritime Services and Dynea. Most recently, Espen has worked as a management contractor for technical roadwork installation company Veidrift and leading protective clothing manufacturer Wenaas Workwear.


With a degree in Siviløkonom from Norges Handelshøyskole, Espen is a highly competent and driven individual with a passion for biotechnology.

Chief Scientific Officer

Kjartan co-founded Biomega in 2000. He has held various positions in the company, including member and chairman of the board of directors, CSO and CEO. He also founded Alkymar AS, which pioneered novel solutions for continuous enzymatic hydrolysis. Alkymar is now a part of Biomega. Kjartan has been an appointed member on various public advisory committees related to the marine sector and science-based industry developments. He was involved in establishing the Norwegian Network for Industrial Biotechnology and held the position as chairman for its initial years.

Kjartan was previously a senior scientist at the Norwegian Institute for Nutrition ans Seafood Research, and he served as CEO of several research-based companies – Austevoll Fiskefôr AS, SeaGrain AS, Thia Medica AS and Bio Food and Feed AS. He holds a PhD in nutrition from the University of Bergen.

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Director of Global Sales

Director of Sourcing

Harald has been part of the Norwegian aquaculture industry since 1992. His first engagement was in Hordafòr AS, a Norwegian Silage company, where he was QA-manager, Head of Sales and more. In 2000, he was one of the founders and shareholders of Biomega. Over the years he has been Head of Sales and a member of the board, and is currently Director of Sourcing.

Harald holds a master’s degree in fish health from the University of Bergen.

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Director of Research & Development

Bjørn joined Biomega in August 2018.  He has a background within biochemistry and nutrition, and prior to joining Biomega, he was a senior scientist at the National Institute of Nutrition and Seafood Research (NIFES). He has broad experience within both pre-clinical and clinical nutritional studies, mainly on the topic of dietary effects of proteins on health.

Liaset holds a PhD in nutrition from the University of Bergen.

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Director of Global Quality

Ingrid joined Biomega in September 2019 bringing with her vast experience in quality, innovation and development at several food producing companies in Norway, as well as the establishment of food factories in other countries.

She holds a masters in Food Science from the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU) and a masters in human nutrition from the University of Bergen, Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry, with her thesis completed at the Institute of Nutrition and Seafood Research (NIFES).

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