Our Environmental, Social & Governance Targets
At biomega®, our promise is to make a positive impact on the world, while enabling vitality
and quality of life through our product range. As part of our circular approach, we are striving
for a more sustainable aquaculture industry by advocating for a responsible supply chain.
Delivering on our ambition to become a circular economy ambassador is not something we
can achieve on our own. By building new partnerships and working with suppliers across the
aquaculture supply chain, we can ensure that all residual raw salmon material from the
industry is utilized, while contributing to the wider economy by working to reduce our
greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and delivering less pollution into our oceans.

To support this purpose, we have delivered our annual Environmental, Social & Governance
(ESG) report, which covers what we have achieved in 2023 and sets out our targets for

As of April 2023, we comply with the regulatory standards to be demanded by the European
Union in the future.

Why is ESG important to biomega®?
The purpose of an ESG report is to establish a solid base for our communication with
customers, suppliers, partners, and employees, and to maintain that as the ‘gold standard’
going forward. As we work at an international level, it is vital that we ensure all business is
conducted in a responsible and ethical manner.

As biomega® is part of the circular economy, it is important for us to consider our wider
implications on the environment and to understand how as a business, we can be
recognized as a responsible employer.

As part of our ESG report, we have conducted our first double materiality assessment,
developed our initial strategy up to 2026, and established a foundation for our future
governance processes, ensuring that ESG is implemented across the whole organisation.

What is included in our ESG Report?
Covering the financial year 1 st January – 31 st December 2023, the report explains

  • Circular methodology as part of our 2026 Strategy
  • Strategic focus aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
  • Ongoing projects such as LIFE CONQUER
  • Environmental actions in 2023 and our realistic targets for 2024, including
    greenhouse gas emissions, water consumption and packaging
  • Social actions in 2023 and our goals for 2024, including acting as a responsible
    employer, health & safety, and employee retention
  • Governance actions in 2023 and our targets for 2024, including how we manage our
    supply chain and how we will deliver responsible business practices

Download our Transparency Act Report 2023

Download our ESG Report 2023

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