Passionate about nutrition and biotechnology in all aspects of human and animal health, Biomega Group (‘Biomega’) CEO Stig Victor Petersen has reflected on the company’s successes, challenges and emerging business opportunities in his first 100 days at Biomega.

“We believe in a healthier and more sustainable world,” said Petersen. “Our concept confirms our unique capabilities to upcycle the premium raw materials coming from salmon to human food and nutrition. Biomega ensures that a larger part of the salmon is utilised for human nutrition – and this is key to improving sustainability in a growing global production of marine oils and proteins.”

Petersen joined the Biomega team on 1st October 2020 and brings more than 25 years’ experience in the human nutrition and animal feed industry to his new role. His extensive knowledge of the sector, alongside a wealth of experience in operations and project management, has meant the Norwegian-based company ended 2020 on a high note with excellent performance all-round.

“2020 has seen us continue to invest in our manufacturing capabilities with continuous developments at our biorefinery near Bergen, Norway. In addition, we are pushing forward our plans for a new biorefinery located in Denmark. These investments are strengthening the company’s core competencies in supplying high-value, sustainable food-grade salmon ingredients, backed with the quality and supply chain excellence our customers are seeking.”

Speaking of future plans for Biomega, Petersen continues: “Pet nutrition will continue to remain a focus for Biomega throughout 2021 with a comprehensive research & development growth plan in place driving our product launches and expanding our Salmigo petfood portfolio. We are also keen to further expand in the human nutrition market and expect to launch our new neutral food peptides soon.

“It’s clear we have significant opportunities as a business in health foods and food supplements, which have become high growth markets as the world has been challenged by Covid-19. Biomega has proprietary technology and a united team with laser focus on driving the company forward. I’m excited for 2021 and what the year will bring for the business.”

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Stig Peterson