Leading biosciences company Biomega Group (‘Biomega’) has been named as a super premium sponsor at this year’s Nordic Pet Food Conference. The company, which produces high-quality sustainable ingredients for the global human and pet health sector, will also showcase its range of hydrolysed salmon peptides as an exhibitor during the annual conference in September.

For the first time since the event was launched in 2014, the Nordic Pet Food Conference will be going virtual. For delegates, virtual exhibition booths will be accessed via a private web portal, which will be filled with technical resources, videos and downloadable marketing materials across the two-day event.

Marianne Warnaer, Director of Global Sales at Biomega, said: “We are excited to be attending the Nordic Pet Food Conference this year. By going virtual, the conference is an open platform for experts in the pet food industry to pool knowledge together, network and connect from our (home) offices.”

“For 2020, we’re excited to showcase our Salmigo® product range which delivers a host of benefits for pets when taken as part of a well-balanced diet. By using our patented continuous enzymatic hydrolysis process, we gently separate food grade salmon parts to preserve the raw material quality and nutritional value. This enables us to produce high-quality sustainable salmon oil and hydrolysed proteins for the premium pet food market.”

Biomega will showcase four of its products in the Salmigo range during the conference, including Salmigo Salmon Oil, Salmigo Protect L60, Salmigo Protect SD and Salmigo Active. Available in a variety of delivery formats from liquid to powder, the Salmigo range is designed to boost the health and wellness of pets. Combining collagen peptides with hydrolysed salmon proteins and salmon oil from fresh Norwegian salmon parts, the Salmigo products deliver numerous benefits such as healthy skin, improved joint and bone health, diabetes prevention, alongside helping to control and manage weight.

Milka Tesla, CEO of Passion4Feed and founder of the Nordic Pet Food Conference, commented: “It’s a real pleasure to welcome back Biomega as a super premium sponsor for this year’s virtual conference. The company’s expertise in pet nutrition and marine-based biotechnology is highly respected by delegates. Each year, Biomega shares deeper knowledge on technological and sustainable advancements in the pet food and animal feed sector – a real asset to manufacturers and producers looking to go the extra mile.”

The Nordic Pet Food Conference will take place on the 29th and 30th September. Last year, the exhibition was attended by more than 180 delegates from over 100 companies, with pet food producers, ingredient suppliers and academic institutes present.

For more information on the Nordic Pet Food Conference or to register, please visit: http://www.norpetfood.com/index.htm

Nordic Pet Food Conference