The bond between humans and their pets is strong, enduring, and universal – evolving over the last 15,000 years across all countries and cultures. 1 A recent study by the Human Animal Bond Research Institute (HABRI) and animal health company Zoetis confirms that pets, in all their guises, are seen as an integral part of most family units.

And while pets certainly benefit human health, the reverse is also true. Their emotional and physical well-being depends on us. A loving home and devoted owners can ensure pet well-being, boosting their lifespan and giving them the best quality of life. This very often starts with offering pets balanced, nutrient-rich, science-backed foods, snacks, and treats. 

Read on as we discuss three of the biggest pet food trends and innovations for 2024 that could uplift your pet food brand to the next level.


All in the label – taking the humanisation trend to the next level

The term ‘humanisation’ in the pet food category gained traction during the COVID-19 pandemic when brands became aware that pet parents wanted the same food grades and standards that apply to human food to extend to their pets. The good news is that this trend shows no signs of slowing down.

Brands are responding by focusing on the use of fresh and minimally processed ingredients, with sustainability, transparency, and traceability as key focus areas. While this is a growing requirement for consumers, it is also linked to trust and avoiding greenwashing with unsubstantiated claims, particularly around ingredient sourcing.

To stay clear of label fraud and meet the requirements for quality and high-spec ingredients, it is critical to partner with a supplier you can trust to enable your product to stand up to intense scrutiny.

Driving humanisation and label claims this year, biomega® predicts that the sector will focus on raw materials, and critically on how brands can ensure that the optimum amount of nutrients are retained.

This is also linked to innovations that naturally extend shelf life and ingredients that can reduce allergy and sensitivity risks to pets. Here we are seeing development around grain-free products gain momentum, as a way to focus on positive digestive health and weight management for better energy and vitality. 2


Sustainability & the market for healthy byproducts

Brands that can prove their commitment to sustainability are seeing attractive opportunities in the pet nutrition and pet care industry, as accelerating government mandates, new legislation, reporting requirements, fines, rising energy costs, and supply chain disruption create momentum and opportunities. 3

At biomega® , we support pet food producers in their quest to choose sustainable and secure ingredients that will benefit pet owners looking to feed pets in a way that limits the impact on the environment. For us, this means upcycling Atlantic salmon into human and pet food salmon peptides, proteins, and oils. Not only do these products benefit the manufacturer with access to nutrient-dense seafood resources, but they can also impact food cost inflation by providing an outlet for materials that can otherwise be costly to dispose of. 4


Sustainable, quality protein & alternative sources

Sustainability, particularly around fish and seafood resources, will continue to be a growing concern for pet food companies and consumers – opening avenues for innovation in the supply of environmentally managed and supplied protein. This is particularly the case when sourced and upcycled from side streams.

Atlantic salmon continues to be viewed as one of the best sources of omega-3 fatty acids, playing a beneficial role in skin, coat, teeth, and cognitive health, in particular for active, or high-energy dogs and cats.5 This year , we will continue to see more brands promoting their salmon-based formulas as grain-free or with limited ingredients to cater to pet owners looking for options for pets with food sensitivities or allergies.

Our range of premium pet food salmon peptides includes Salmigo® Protect L60 – a highly digestible source of liquid protein, which is rich in nutrient value, and offers great palatability. Since our products are processed from the side streams of Atlantic salmon, through a process of continuous enzymatic hydrolysis, it is a game-changing product for brands and consumers that are serious about their impact on resources and the environment.  

As the squeeze on resources and food availability 6 continues, we are committed to looking at further solutions to minimize the environmental impact and increase the sustainable use of resources in the manufacturing of high-quality pet food ingredients.

For more information on our Salmigo® range of salmon peptides and oils and how they can benefit your brand, contact our team today!



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