biomega®, a global market-leader in sustainable biotechnology that produces high-quality ingredients for human and pet nutrition, has announced the launch of its bioactive salmon peptides under the brand name, biomega® SalMe Peptides.

The peptides, which are presented in a powder form, are more neutral in both taste and smell, making them better suited for a wide range of applications in health nutrition.

Processed from high quality, fresh and sustainable Atlantic salmon off-cuts, biomega® SalMe Peptides deliver excellent nutritional benefits for dietary supplements, and a wide array of health promoting food concepts.

Dr Silke Middendorf, CCO at Biomega, said: “We are delighted to announce the launch of our biomega® SalMe Peptides, which are 100% naturally processed, sustainable, and pure salmon proteins. For consumers, they offer superb nutritional value as they are easy to digest and are absorbed by the body faster than intact native proteins. This maximizes nutrient delivery to muscle tissues. They offer additional health benefits – such as maintaining energy and general vitality – due to their valuable B-vitamins, especially vitamin B12. Additionally, they indicate an improved body composition. For our customers, the more neutral taste and smell of our peptides deliver previously untapped potential for health food applications, particularly for innovations in weight management and active nutrition.”

The company, which is working towards ASC certification within its supply chain, has a zero-waste approach to its production process, driving a strong environmental ethos that is aligned with the UN’s sustainable development goals. By using a gentle, patented and continuous enzymatic hydrolysis process, biomega® turns undervalued, food grade salmon material into premium health ingredients.

The launch of the new peptides is part of the company’s high growth, strategic business plan, which follows the announcement of its new multi-million EUR biorefinery in Denmark. Located at the Port of Hirtshals, the new biorefinery is due to open this summer and will focus on expanding its manufacturing capabilities in both petfood and human nutrition.

“With the latest investments in our world-class biorefineries, we are continuing to strengthen our core competencies in supplying high-value, sustainable food-grade salmon ingredients,” adds Stig Petersen, CEO at biomega®. “Backed by an excellent supply chain, our biomega® SalMe Peptides will open up significant opportunities for our customers, and we are excited to see their creativity and innovation unfold in future applications.”

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