Biomega Group (‘Biomega’) is a global leader in biorefining technology, which produces high-quality sustainable ingredients for human and animal nutrition. At this year’s Nordic Pet Food Conference, the company will present a masterclass on sustainability and the health benefits of its Salmigo product portfolio: Salmigo Active, Salmigo Protect and Salmigo Salmon Oil.

The two-hour masterclass will be presented by Ronald Figee, Commercial Development Manager at Biomega. Ronald will talk about global health trends affecting pets today, including the increasing evidence of pet humanisation and pet food premiumisation, alongside the scientific evidence and technology behind hydrolysed salmon proteins.

“Our masterclass is a deep dive into the global pet food market and the opportunities it currently represents to pet food owners and manufacturers,” comments Ronald. “With increasing humanisation of our pets, consumers are now looking for solutions to combat the rise of obesity in animals, preventing serious health consequences. We have strong scientific evidence showing how hydrolysed salmon proteins can prevent obesity and help manage weight in animals.

“As biorefinery specialists, our unique patented technology preserves the quality and nutritional value of fresh Norwegian salmon with a gentle separation process. Our masterclass will demonstrate how our sustainable premium ingredients can boost the health and wellness of pets.”

As a sponsor and exhibitor at the sixth annual conference on 29th-30th September, Biomega will showcase its hydrolysed salmon peptides and salmon oil, branded for premium petfood manufacturers as the Salmigo® product range, at a virtual booth during the two-day event. Attendees will be able to register for the masterclass on arrival at the company’s booth, which takes place on 10th November at 10am. In addition, Ronald will also be delivering a condensed presentation of the masterclass at 3.25pm on 30th September.

Passion4Feed CEO and Conference Founder, Milka Tesla, will also join Ronald and other exhibitors to present the masterclasses. With an extensive background in pet health and nutrition research, Milka will share her enthusiasm and research on the scientific and technical aspects of the development of semi-moist snacks and the possibilities for Salmigo to replace glycerine.

“Offering great palatability, highly digestible protein and low molecular weight peptides, Salmigo Protect is a product with great potential. As such, the masterclass will be a great platform for petfood manufacturers and producers to learn about Salmigo, how it can help them meet health, nutrition and sustainability goals and what it can do for their business.”

Last year, the Nordic Pet Food Conference was attended by more than 180 delegates from over 100 companies. This year, and for the first time since the event was launched in 2014, the exhibition will be virtual. Registered delegates can access the event through a private web portal, where they can download technical resources, watch videos and speak directly with exhibitors.

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