Enzymes are vital to the human body. By working in conjunction with stomach acid and bile, enzymes support the break down of food into molecules, converting them into energy and proteins to help the body function correctly. Without the body’s enzymatic processes in the digestive system, we wouldn’t be able to convert the food we eat into the nutrients required to keep our health system in top condition. The science behind our digestive tract is truly fascinating – in fact, the enzymatic processes found in humans have since been replicated by bio-scientists to produce supplements to aid in both human and pet nutrition. But before we get into the science behind enzymes and its products, we need to get back to basics.

What is biorefining?

The International Energy Agency has defined biorefining as the sustainable processing of biomass into a spectrum of bio-based products – including food, feed, chemicals and materials – and bioenergy to make biofuels, power and heat. In simple terms, this means raw materials are broken down into molecules such as intermediates (i.e. carbohydrates, proteins and triglycerides) which are then converted into value-added products that are suitable for human or animal consumption.

Depending on the process used, businesses can engineer the components of a biomass by converting them into higher value products without producing any waste.

At Biomega, we use a patented process to naturally and gently transfer fresh and pure Norwegian salmon parts into premium food grade ingredients. Known as enzymatic hydrolysis, this process is carried out at our flagship production facility on the island of Sotra, near Bergen in Norway.

How does the Enzymatic Hydrolysis process work at Biomega?

Circling back to the human digestive system, our production replicates this process. To start, we use fresh Norwegian salmon offcuts that are both rich in proteins and oils. In its patented unique process used in the modern biorefinery, Biomega uses non-GMO food grade enzymes to hydrolyze the salmon proteins into salmon peptides and free amino acids.

It’s this continuous 24/7 process that ensures all raw material is treated equally throughout the production process.

The enzymatic hydrolysis process helps us produce hydrolyzed salmon proteins and minerals besides premium salmon oil. These premium food grade ingredients are branded as Biomega® Peptides, hydrolyzed salmon protein isolate and Biomega salmon oil both used for human nutrition. Our pet food product rang is branded as Salmigo® – Salmigo Protect and Salmigo Active – for hydrolyzed salmon protein products and Salmigo salmon oil. In addition to salmon-based products, the unique process can also be used for turning other sources of raw material into premium pet food and food ingredients.

Coming full circle

At Biomega, we believe in a healthier and more sustainable world. As biorefining specialists, we take pure, raw materials to make total use of the rest streams and convert them into premium ingredients with zero waste. For more information on our products, please visit https://biomegagroup.com/ or contact us on +47 55629450.

Enzymatic Hydrolysis Process