This year, biomega ® expects to see more individuals take a preventive stance when it comes to nutritional choices and their impact on long-term health. 1

 The term ‘active nutrition’ is fast gaining mainstream acceptance, particularly around products that offer a unique nutritional benefit. As one of the fastest-growing specialist categories, the market size for active nutrition is expected to increase from its 2022 figure of $1.2350mn to $24770mn by 2028 – showing a healthy CAGR of 12.3% during the forecast period. 2

To meet these demands, brands are looking to suppliers that can offer selected ingredients that meet their requirements for premium proteins, healthy fats and collagen – three major trends in active nutrition formulations in the year ahead.

The biomega ® solution

At biomega ® we manufacture a range of highly digestible salmon peptides and omega-3 oils for the health and nutrition market

Our range of SalMe Peptides are a natural source of protein, which are 100% water soluble and rich in micronutrients. When we talk about ingredients that can target joint health and overall health and wellness, our SalMe Collagen Peptides offer a fantastic solution. These products contain a natural source of type I collagen and a balanced micronutrient composition.

SalMe Salmon Oil is high in omega-3 fatty acids, and rich in the strong natural antioxidant, Astaxanthin, which gives the beautiful red-orange colour.

Our SalMe products enable health and nutrition brands to meet consumer demand for sustainably sourced and clean-label ingredients within a circular food supply chain. Our ability to upcycle Norwegian Atlantic salmon, sourced from suppliers that have been chosen for their quality and handling processes, offers both brands and consumers peace of mind.

When it comes to formats, consumers will continue to require convenience and ready-to-eat products, which could further grow formulation innovation.

Our SalMe Peptides which is a salmon protein isolate, is a great complete protein alternative to whey protein isolate when it comes to sports nutrition, healthy aging, weight management and functional food in general.

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1.2. Active Nutrition Market Size In 2023: Growth Opportunities and Future Outlook 2030 | accessed February 2024