With many in-person industry events postponed or cancelled in 2020, virtual conferences now have their chance to shine. Unlike in-person events, virtual events have much more flexibility to accommodate delegates, including. virtual booths, meet and greets, networking areas and online presentations. The beauty of virtual is that anything is possible.

As a super-premium sponsor, exhibitor and speaker at this year’s Nordic Pet Food Conference, Biomega invites all of their contacts and would like all new and returning delegates to experience the conference at its finest. So, we’ve put together an expert Q&A guide for our customers to get the most out of the two-day event.

Your guide to the Nordic Pet Food Conference 2020

When does it take place and what can I expect?

Milka Tesla, Founder of the Nordic Pet Food Conference and CEO of Passion4Feed:

“Taking place on 29th and 30th September, delegates can expect to see a range of pet food ingredient and supplement producers, regional academic institutions and more exciting experiences at the Nordic Pet Food Virtual Conference. There are plenty of presentations and classes to attend across the two days, with a focus on pet health trends, such as how to tackle pet obesity and how alternative proteins can meet industry challenges.

For the full agenda, visit: http://www.norpetfood.com/agenda.htm

What type of networking will be available?

Milka: “Delegates will be presented with full access to the exhibition portal, where they can visit exhibitor booths at their leisure, just as they would in-person. Various networking areas will also be available. In addition, there will be an opportunity to book meet and greet sessions with exhibitors via the WHOVA app, which all delegates will have access to during the event.”

What can I expect from exhibitors at the event?

Marianne Warnaer, Director of Global Sales at Biomega: “As one of the key sponsors at the event, Biomega will showcase our sustainable premium Salmigo portfolio; Salmigo Active, Salmigo Protect SD, Salmigo Protect L60 and Salmigo salmon oil. Our virtual booth will have lots of information available through digital handouts and videos, so you can understand who we are, what we do and why we’re so passionate about pet health and nutrition. The Biomega sales team will be available for further information during, before and after the event. ”

Milka: “Many exhibitors will also engage in live product demos and giveaways. Simply sign up at their virtual booth to be notified when the next demo starts.”

How do I sign up to presentations and masterclasses?

Milka: “To sign up, simply navigate to the exhibitor booth and register for their presentation. We’ll also have a dedicated area in the portal that will link you directly to the exhibitor. From there, you can download the invite to your calendar to remind you just before the presentation begins.”

Is Biomega presenting at the conference?

Ronald Figee, Commercial Development Manager at Biomega: “Yes, we’ll be presenting a 35-minute talk on ‘The Health Benefits of Salmon Peptides in Petfood’ on the 30th September. Starting at 3.25pm, we’ll cover the science behind salmon peptides and how we use our patented enzymatic hydrolysis process to produce highly palatable and nutritious ingredients for pet food and supplements.

“You can also sign up for a two-hour masterclass that will deliver a much more in-depth discussion on the topic at hand. Don’t worry about missing any of the event though, as the masterclass will take place on a later date following the conference’s closure.”

How do I book in for a meet and greet?

 Milka: “Simply head over to the virtual Biomega booth and click ‘chat’ and a representative will be able available. For one-to-one meetings, exhibitors and attendees can select your name on the WHOVA app and book in a meeting request with you. It’s that easy.”

Marianne: “Our booth representatives, including Ronald and I, will be on hand at the event to answer any questions you may have about Biomega, our sustainable activities and our latest product innovations. We’re looking forward to it!”

To register for the Nordic Pet Food Virtual Conference, visit https://site.corsizio.com/c/5e371b22250608d529441814 where both Milka and Julia – the event’s organisers – will be able to help.

For more information on Biomega products for petfood applications, please email: contact@biomegagroup.com.

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