In addition to Biomega’s new CEO, Sten Estrup, seven team members have just come on board or will soon be starting at the company.

The new hires include:

  • Ingrid Tyssen Bruu as Director of Global Quality
  • Andrew Dustan as Chief Technical Officer
  • Ronald Figee as Commercial Development Manager
  • Erik Pettersen as Senior Business Controller and Analyst

Three specialist process engineers also joined as part of our acquisition of HED Engineering. For details, go here.

Having the right people and competence is pivotal to the next stage of development.

«The world of food production and agriculture is waiting for Biomega’s technology and expertise to help improve productivity and produce more with less,” says Sten Estrup, CEO. 

Biomega also plans to further increase the number of production facilities by entering into strategic partnerships with raw material providers. This is not only limited to salmon, but also includes other marine species such as cod, pelagic and mesopelagic, as well as chicken and other types of poultry.

Ingrid Tyssen Bruu joins the team in September as Director of Global Quality.