Mutamin Miracle Vet featuring Salmigo Protect L60 from Biomega sees major success with vet clinics in Turkey after launch.

Biomega Group (‘Biomega’), a leading European biosciences company specialising in high-quality ingredients for pet health and nutrition, has partnered with Mutamin Health Pty Ltd (‘Mutamin’) to bring a highly nutritional, hydrolysed salmon protein food supplement to the Turkish pet market.

The hypoallergenic food supplement, which is named Miracle Vet, is provided in liquid format and is highly palatable to dogs, cats and other pets. The product contains Salmigo® Protect L60 – pure, hydrolysed salmon proteins made from high-quality Norwegian salmon tissue through a patented manufacturing process at Biomega.

Since its launch last December, Miracle Vet has been in high demand in the Turkish pet market. As such, Mutamin has seen major sales success with the liquid food supplement through its network of more than 1,200 vet clinics, with many recommending Miracle Vet for its excellent nutritional benefits and improvements in coat and skin health.

Deniz Aydin, Marketing and Sales Manager at Mutamin, said: “Miracle Vet is our second product launch containing a high-quality sustainable salmon ingredient from Biomega – and it’s unlikely to be our last. In fact, our first product features the company’s Salmigo salmon oil. Since partnering with Biomega in 2018, our relationship has gone from strength to strength, seeing them not only as our product supplier but also a part of the Mutamin family.

“We place our trust in Biomega as we know that its products are always of the highest quality. We also share the company’s passion for healthy, natural and sustainable products.”

Packaged in a 250ml bottle, Miracle Vet features a measured-to-scale cup as its lid for convenience, enabling veterinarians and owners to deliver the recommended daily dosage of the hydrolysed protein supplement to pets. The liquid can either be mixed in with food or directly given to pets.

Marianne Warnaer, CCO at Biomega, commented: “We are delighted to work with Mutamin and its well-respected and veterinarian-recommended portfolio. By incorporating Salmigo Protect L60 in its latest launch product, Mutamin can provide pets with exceptional health benefits through a great tasting supplement. Backed by our sustainable manufacturing techniques that make total use of rest streams with zero waste, vets and pet owners can rest assured that they are purchasing an eco-friendly product with Miracle Vet.”

Specialising in health complementary medicines and medical devices, Mutamin has been operating in the pet industry since 2014. As a well-respected brand in Turkey, the company is looking to expand its product portfolio by opening a new factory to manufacture its own pet food. By working with established companies like Biomega, the company’s vision is to become the biggest and best quality pet food and vitamins manufacturer in Turkey over the next five years.

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