The Gummy Revolution: Where functional ingredients can assist

While gummy vitamins have been around since the 1990s, the current market is ripe for innovation – particularly for product solutions that can deliver a broad range of nutrients, including minerals, botanicals, plant, marine and aquaculture extracts to consumers in an easy to consume, on-the-go, and fun format. 1

In this space, functional gummy formulations are an ideal solution – offering time-starved consumers the supplement convenience they require. In addition, these products are a particularly appealing option for younger consumers or those looking to start their health and wellness journey. 2

One of the biggest growth drivers for functional gummies is the use of sustainably sourced and produced ingredients with functional benefits. These products not only offer excellent nutritional content but, as we see an upswing in refined gummy formulations and manufacturing techniques, they could ensure efficacy and therapeutic performance, and bring a better sensory experience for consumers to the table too. 3

Demand for gummies that are affordable, hit the right sensory notes in terms of taste and mouthfeel, and are formulated with functional ingredients to meet their specific health and wellness aspirations will drive sales. This offers a prime opportunity for brand owners to become part of this sector’s market growth, projected at a CAGR of 12.6% to 2028. 4

Something to chew on

But what are the requirements of modern-day gummy consumers and how can brands respond?

Well-formulated gummies should offer excellent bioavailability and a more enjoyable user experience by focusing on solutions that impact swallowing ease. As we all know, taste is king, so brands must focus on offering a better and enhanced taste experience through flavour encapsulation with improvements to its shape and texture.

Formulators and brand owners understand that product development and formulation challenges will continue to escalate as the sector moves beyond conventional ingredients, such as vitamins, to those with a functional positioning.5

Today, sustainability is a big opportunity for brand owners to take the lead on. Manufacturers have already brought fish oil gummies to the market by extracting EPA and DHA nutrients from fatty fish like salmon, tuna, sardines and anchovies, but there are plenty of other opportunities in this sector to enable brands to make a big splash.

Upcycled salmon raw materials, which are all-too often discarded by commercial processors, can be used to provide high nutritional and protein content when they are produced through bioprocessing methods, including our continuous enzymatic hydrolysis processes.

Our SalMe Peptides solution is a case in point. As a 100% water soluble ingredient, it is highly digestible and offers excellent bioavailability. While the formulation for functional gummies can be challenging, our SalMe peptides offer an umami taste – perfect for adding to active nutritional solutions, including flavoured gummies.

In the trade, previously underutilised assets in salmon farming are fast reaching superhero status in the nutritional supplement and gummies industry – offering a fantastic and advantageous nutrient boost to consumers. Our ability to offer ingredients that are transparently sourced and derived means that we can answer requirements of accountability – a much needed attribute in the supplements industry today.

So, why not reach out to our research and development team? We will be happy to discuss how our SalMe peptides can help you to formulate nutrient-rich and sustainably sourced gummies – enabling you to become part of the gummy revolution!


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