It’s well known that good nutrition is the key to great mental and physical health. Consumers today are looking for products that not only support their wellness, but that deliver functional benefits too. For example, according to the latest trend prediction report from Tastewise, ingredients for functional health will remain popular in 2022 and beyond, with 33% of consumers frequently turning to food and beverage products to meet their health needs 1   

At biomega®, we are keen to explore the latest functional food trends in both human and pet health. Premium pet food manufacturers and nutritional & dietary supplement retailers that are looking to launch a new product soon should ensure the following consumer trends are met. 

Trend # 1: Sustainable, transparent manufacturing 

Applicable to both human and pet health products, sustainability is a trend that has remarkable staying power, increasing approximately 24% year-on-year with consumers 1 . There is also a growing interest in a product’s cradle to gate lifecycle, from raw material manufacturing through to post-use disposal. Innova Market Insights reports that globally three in five consumers are now interested in where their food comes from and how it is made 2 . As such, regenerative farming, habitat conservation and carbon footprint reduction are now widely considered by consumers before they choose to purchase a product.   

‘Clean Label’ now goes beyond ingredients. If consumers are now expecting transparency in sourcing and manufacturing practices for their health products, they also want the same for their pets too. Demands for safe treat options, which are highly digestible and palatable, for example need to be functional and sustainable.   

Fortunately, biomega® can help meet these requirements with its unique and patented enzymatic hydrolysis process. By sourcing the highest quality, fresh food-grade Atlantic Salmon parts, the process upscales and preserves nutrients through gentle separation of oils, hydrolysate and insoluble materials. This renewable and zero waste process then transforms them into high value, hydrolysed proteins and oils. Certified by Friend of the Sea and IFFO RS assured, brands and retailers that partner with biomega® can rest assured that its manufacturing process remains sustainable and transparent all year round.  

Trend # 2: Protein and collagen 

It’s no secret that protein has become the ‘nutrient that can do no wrong’, according to a recent article featured in Nutraceuticals World 3 , but collagen is also in favour with consumers – and neither are likely to slow down. According to Innova, 31% of collagen consumers in the US, UK and Germany are willing to pay a premium for branded products 4 . The ingredient has become the must-have supplement for young women, many of which add collagen powder to their breakfast smoothies to maintain healthy skin, hair and nails 3  

Beauty from within is not a new concept, but consumers are increasingly becoming more in tune with what nutrients they require to maintain good physical and mental health. For instance, salmon is getting more popular in the direct-to-consumer market, according to Eating Well 5 . As a result, salmon peptides containing collagen are also growing in popularity. The latest scientific evidence states that next to muscle protein, peptides obtained from collagen, which is recovered from skin and bone side streams, are well known for their health-related properties 6   

This means that when fresh raw salmon materials are naturally and gently converted through biomega®’s sustainable patented hydrolysis process, their collagen benefits are retained. By converting salmon parts into high-quality bioactive peptides, they can easily be used in human health products, including powder applications.  

Trend # 3: Toppers and Mixers 

With the pandemic, pet ownership increased substantially. According to the World Pet Association, the industry is expected to increase by a further $ 100 billion by 2027 7 . Given the explosion in pet owners, the idea of ​​’functional pampering’ is continuing to grow. Toppers and mixers are now starting to catch consumers’ attention in the pet food aisle. Solutions that offer excellent nutritional and functional properties that not only taste good but are also palatable to cats and dogs are likely to perform well commercially in 2022 and beyond.   

For instance, toppers and mixers that use ingredients that help promote benefits such as skin, bone, joint and digestive health will gain a real competitive edge in the premium pet food market. For instance, cats are notoriously fussy about their food and often get bored of eating the same thing day in and day out. Consumers that purchase toppers and mixers can easily add something new and exciting to their feline’s daily food regime.  

The biomega® Salmigo® range is a superb ingredient to add to premium topper and mixer selections. Its excellent palatability as a high-quality protein means that dogs and cats will continue to enjoy the taste and texture day after day.  

So, if you are looking for a specific protein to add to your growing functional food portfolio in 2022 and would like more information about our bioactive salmon peptides or the Salmigo® range, contact our sales team today by emailing 

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