Biomega Group (‘Biomega’), a leading biosciences company producing high-quality ingredients for the health and nutrition industry, has announced a new partnership with W8 Solution to include its salmon peptides as an ingredient in an innovative weight loss product.

With worldwide obesity increasing year-on-year, there is a growing trend towards using weight management products. According to the Norwegian Institute of Public Health, one in four middle-aged men and one in five middle-aged women are obese. The use of Biomega peptides in W8 Solution products aims to combat this challenge and promote a healthy, active lifestyle.

Marianne Warnaer, Director of Global Sales, at Biomega said: “We are delighted to work with W8 Solution and include our salmon peptides in its unique patent pending slimming product. Processed from fresh Norwegian salmon by our natural enzymatic hydrolysis, Biomega® peptides contain more than 90% hydrolysed proteins and over 20% collagen peptides (type I and III), which are proven to have a positive effect on skin health. In addition, our bioactive salmon peptides have anti-inflammatory properties, help maintain stable blood glucose levels and support weight management, making the ingredient beneficial for W8 Solution users.”

Developed by Provectus Pharma, which creates advanced dietary supplements, W8 Solution has a unique blend of EU approved ingredients that aid long-term and safe weight reduction. The innovative combination of glucomannan, raspberry ketones, Vitamin C and salmon peptides are beneficial in helping the body to stabilise blood sugar levels, contributing to normal metabolism of fatty acids and energy. With no known side effects, the formulation enables users to suppress hunger, making it easier to support their weight loss goals.

“W8 Solution is designed with simplicity in mind.” Marius Slinning, COO at Provectus Pharma AS, commented. “It’s been developed to help users lose weight without making major changes to their lifestyle. The active ingredients in W8 Solution suppress hunger, enabling users to eat smaller portions, while continuing to consume a healthy diet. The addition of chromium, magnesium and Vitamin C also aid in stabilising blood sugar levels and improve blood vessel function, leading to a stronger immune system.”

Designed to be taken three times a day, approximately 30 minutes before breakfast, lunch and dinner, W8 Solution is easily dissolved into a glass of water from its sachet and comes in a fresh and citrus flavour.

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