Obesity is a major area of concern for our pets. Even though worldwide governments are placing more emphasis on health action campaigns for consumers since the Covid-19 pandemic, pet health has languished.  

According to the latest research from UK charity, the People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals (PDSA), 1.4 million pets have gained weight since March 20201. The study, which surveyed more than 4,500 pet owners, also found that their companions were being fed more human treats rather than nutritionally balanced pet treats.  

Tackling the obesity crisis is an area where functional petfood innovators can begin to make a difference. If the best way to treat pet obesity is to ensure they eat a healthy, balanced diet and participate in regular daily exercise, then naturally, the nutritional profile of pet food products has never been more important for product formulators. At biomega®, we believe this latest trend has excellent potential for petfood manufacturers. 


Reducing age-related ill health in pets 

Pets that are overweight or obese are at an increased risk of age-related ill health too. According to research published in the Vet Record, dogs that are overweight have a shortened life span and are more susceptible to conditions like osteoarthritis, diabetes mellitus and types of neoplasia2. While old age arthritis is a rapidly growing area of concern for cats, with studies showing that up to 90% of felines over 12 years of age have the tell-tale signs of osteoarthritis3.  

Due to their rapid rate of ageing compared to humans, pets require their owners to start taking responsibility for their dietary needs and to seek advice from veterinary professionals, where possible. For petfood and pet supplement manufacturers, this is an advantageous business opportunity. 


Introducing Salmigo® L60

At biomega®, we believe in supporting long-term health in pets through the scientifically documented advantages of bioactive food peptides. By using the highest quality fresh Norwegian and Atlantic salmon in our peptides, all the excellent nutritional components are preserved. We do this by utilising a separation process called continuous enzymatic hydrolysis, a process that can be found occurring organically in the natural world. You can learn more about this process here.  

It’s clear that in responding to the evolving demands of the market, manufacturers are looking for functional ingredients that can target key areas of pet health, including supporting the immune system and body composition. 


Pet food formulators looking to integrate improved nutritional profiles in their new product developments and reformulations have a powerful tool at hand in the form of Salmigo® Protect L60 

With versatility for formulators and performance at the heart, this highly digestible and palatable liquid peptide is designed to make pet health food formulation simpler and more value-adding for the full value chain, from product developer to pet owner. In addition, Salmigo® Protect L60 also has the potential to replace glycerine in semi-moist pet food. Find out more about the study in our dedicated whitepaper. As a core and consistent part of the routine, food has a potential role to play in preventive maintenance when it comes to pet health and wellbeing.  


If you are looking to diversify your premium petfood portfolio with high-performance and sustainable bioactive salmon peptides, then discover how simple it can be by getting in touch with our sales team today. 


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