At Biomega, we’re passionate about health and wellbeing in both humans and animals. We value vitality and the multiple benefits that come with choosing a healthy lifestyle. But passion for what we do is just one part of our journey.  

Established in 2000, our company was built upon four major cornerstones. Without them, we wouldn’t be where we are today. These four pillars ensure our people are always at the cutting edge of science and technology, working together to deliver innovative and nutritious products that are beneficial to humans and animals. They also form part of our commitment to a sustainable world, enabling us to act with care and diligence so we can preserve the planet’s natural ecosystem. Finally, the four cornerstones act as our guide, ensuring we hold true to our strategic vision of valuing vitality and valuing today, tomorrow and the future. So, with that in mind, what are the four cornerstones of Biomega?

1/ Continuous Production Process  

In 2002, we created the world’s first biorefinery with a patented continuous process known as enzymatic hydrolysis. This process is carried out at our flagship production facility on the island of Sotra, near Bergen in Norway. A decade later, in 2012, we completed construction of a new sister biorefinery after doubling in production capacity.  

 To learn more about how this process works, our blog on ‘Breaking down the enzymatic hydrolysis process is a great way to understand how we deliver 24/7 production, 365 days a year.  

2/ Sustainable Natural Process 

Biomega uses non-GMO food grade enzymes during hydrolysis to naturally and gently separate fresh and pure Norwegian salmon parts into premium food grade ingredients, including salmon oils and salmon peptides. The process enables full utilisation of the salmon, post salmon industry processing, and has upcycled 140,000 metric tonnes of salmon biproducts since 2016. 

In addition, we are Friend of the Sea certified, which is the leading certification standard for products and services that respect and protect the marine environment, and IFFO RS Global Standard for Responsible Supply Certified (IFO157) for the production of marine ingredients. Plus, our ingredients are food grade certified too. While we are continuously reassessing our methods to go above and beyond, these are certifications we are proud to uphold and are continuously inspired by sustainability and the ‘Sustainable Development Goals’.  

3/ Top Quality Raw Materials 

As an ambassador for a circular economy, we believe in providing 100% Salmonidae from the North Atlantic Ocean. Our raw material supply comes directly from food safety approved and sustainably certified companies including Global G.A.P., MSC, ASC, and BRC, alongside others. Due to this, the materials we use in our biorefineries are of the highest quality, are GMO free and deliver full traceability.  

4/ Human Grade Standard 

Our patented production process has been refined over 19 years (and counting) at Biomega – and we’re not stopping any time soon! Biomega® Peptides and Biomega® Salmon Oil were developed for human food grade from day one. By using fresh raw materials, we preserve their nutritional value and continually optimise our process to improve the purity of our food peptides for human consumption.  

In addition to our sustainability certifications, we are also authorised by the Norwegian Food Safety Authority with food grade approval no. H57, according to EU No. 852/2004.  

As you can see, our four strategic cornerstones not only guide us, but they serve as pivotal reminders that life on our planet is precious. Our promise to make a positive impact on the world must start and end with sustainable businesses practices – as without them, we cannot deliver the future of tomorrow.  

Salmon Farm in Norway